Sunday, April 6, 2014

Volcano 2.5.8 SPD 6531 , 6531MTK 657x Imei Repair and Android blast!!

1. MTK 657x Repair IMEI added WORLD FIRST! Tested on Huawei G610 G700 G60
(You can select "Mode1,MODE2,MODE3" to repair IMEI differently, and "MODE2, MODE3" must be operated in the conditions of "phone opening , usb debug opening, and the phone has been rooted")

2. Android Back up and Restore file EXCLUSIVELY SUPPORTED BY US!!! NO OTHER BOX SUPPORT!!!
* Add "Backup some important files from the phone".
* Add "Backup build file".
* Add "Restore build file".
* Add "Backup bootani file".
* Add "Restore bootani file".
* Add "Backup all data file".
* Add "Restore all data file".
* Add "Backup data_app file".
* Add "Restore data_app file".
* Add "Backup data_data file".
* Add "Restore data_data file".
* Add "Backup root file".
* Add "Restore root file".
* Add "Backup host file".
* Add "Restore host file".
* Add "Backup init file".
* Add "Restore init file"

3. SPD 6531 READ & WRITE FLASH bug fixed ( BETA ) WORLD FIRST! On 8MB and 16 MB
This is a huge step. Let me explain. Since a few weeks some other tool are spamming our board that we kill phones blabla... But the truth is this CPU is very tricky and other tool were also killing the phones using this CPU. Now the great news is Volcano can REPAIR ALL PHONES killed by others and also we support first the world 8MB and 16MB Flash.

You can check below some test report :

DTC P2 SPD 6531A CPU Dead after repairing from Miracle and Volcano Give a life
World First TV/Wifi SPD 6531A 16 MB of Vinovo K19 info, Read, write don with Volcano
[Beta 2.5.8]World First G-tel C2 6531A CPU Info, Read, Write, Pass, Unlock, Format
{Beta 2.5.8} MBW Asha 305 6531 Read Flash, Format, Write Flash Success

Others :

Qmobile A30 MTK 6572 CPU Imei Change Success With Volcano box 2.5.8 Beta Ver



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