Monday, April 7, 2014

GPG Dragon 3.45 1st Class Update Now in Your Hand ! BE Ware !

GPG Dragon 3.45 ATOM BOMB Now in Your Hand ! BE Ware !!

What is news?

Fixed Writing IMEI in Coolsand CPU

Updated SPD 6531"A" Dual IC Read, Write, IMEI - WORLD First
(4MB, 8MB, 16Mb Tested)

SPD 6531"D" Full Suport - World First

Updated MTK 6260 New Chip Read, Write, IMEI - WOrld First

Secruity code algo updated MTK and Coolsand CPU

Some other unknown bug fixed which was remain in old version

Check the World First Reports:

WOrld first DTC P2 6531A DULE CPU 4 MB Flash Auto Read-Write-IMEI Write By GPG Dragon




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