Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Infinity-Box Nokia [BEST] v1.80 released XG223 (Qiming project) Flashing supported

Infinity-Box Nokia [BEST] v1.80 released

- USB flashing improved
- XG223 (Qiming project) Flashing released: Asha 500 and similar
- WP8x Flashing revised

- Service operations improved
XG223 (Qiming): RPL operations supported (Tick Xgold)
XG223 (Qiming): other service operations supported

- Navi Database updated
Included all latest Asha , WP8x , MTKx firmwares
Included "Lumia Black" (GDR3) update for some WP8x models

- Other
- Stuff Files updated
- Ini updated and revised
- Some BugFixes at all

Direct official download link:



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