Saturday, August 31, 2013

!! VolcanoBox 2.2.8 FULL INSTALLER !!

Whats new ?

█►▪ World's 1st & Exclusive, Only & Only in VolcanoBox SPD Android Read Backup Flash file in *.PAC Format !!!

█►▪ MTK ADB Root added new phones support

█►▪ SPD Android SPD Android flash ic supported

█►▪ Solve MTK6235 64M Write bug

█►▪ Full Installer

█►▪VolcanoBox Latest Drivers Added Please update Drivers New Box Driver v1.8.19 (2013)

█►▪SPD Android SCI Drivers Added to Setup in Drivers/Phone Drivers folder

How to Read SPD Android Full Flash Backup in PAC format ?

You have to perform as you read from here for Success !!

01- Your PHONE Must be ROOTED & USB Debug Mode Enabled & in Working Condition
02- Minimum 2Gb Memory Card Inserted into Phone
03- Memory Card Must be 32 BIT Formatted
04- Download VolcanoBox 2.2.8 & Install & Run
05- Connect phone in Powered on Condition
06- Go to SPD Tab
07- Select 6820/8810 from Boot Selection
08- Select One-Key Root
09- Select Backup Flash from Option
10- Untick Auto-Detect Pinouts
11- Click on Run
12- It will Detect Phone on ADB
13- Software will ask you to give path where you want to save Flash file
14- Wait for Software Finish Read Flash
15- Open folder where you save Flash file
16- Search & Download LATEST VER OF ResearchDownload from GOOGLE ( SPD Factory Flashing Tool )
17- Open ResearchDownload ( X:\ResearchDownload\Bin\ResearchDownload.exe )
18- Click on Settings ( 2nd Button from left )
19- Now Need Attention !! You will see Many Check Boxes like

▀ FDL1
▀ FDL2
▀ NV

you can read FileID , FilName , Base1 , Size1 , Size 2 , FileType

20- Right Click in Front of every Box in FileName Area it will ask you for File brows For Example:

▀ FDL1______|___________________|0x40000000___|_____ __________|

You can see 1st FDL1 Written after in 2nd sectin ( before 0x4000000) right click on it ( must be in Front of FDL1 )

▀ FDL1______|____Right Click here_____|0x40000000___|_______________|

it will ask you to put file

21- Brows that folder ( where you save Volcanobox Readed Flash file )
22- If you Right click to FDL1 then Give FDL1 File, like this add all files which is readed by VolcanoBox Give files like this after giving files it will look like this

▀ FDL1______|____D:\A1+\FDL1_____|0x40000000___|____ ___________|
▀ FDL2______|____D:\A1+\FDL2_____|0x0___|___________ ____|
▀ MODEM____|____D:\A1+\Modem___|0x4875555|__________ __|

must be give same name

for reference check this pic

VolcanoBox will read Files like this

You have to put files like this in ResearchDownload

When you inserted All files and All Ready

23- Tick All Boxes
24- Click on PACKET ( from ResearchDownload )
25- It will ask you "Do Packet Operation right now?"
26- Click on Yes
27- After Write Product Version
28- Give Saving Path
29- Click on OK

Your File is PAC File is READY !!!!!!

Now you can Flash with this Pac file & Enjoy

How to Make Any SPD ANDROID Unsupported phone Supported !!!!

01- Your PHONE Must be ROOTED & USB Debug Mode Enabled & in Working Condition
02- Minimum 2Gb Memory Card Inserted into Phone
03- Memory Card Must be 32 BIT Formatted
04- Download VolcanoBox 2.2.8 & Install & Run
05- Connect phone in Powered on Condition
06- Go to SPD Tab
07- Select 6820/8810 from Boot Selection
08- Select One-Key Root
09- Select Backup Flash from Option
10- Untick Auto-Detect Pinouts
11- Click on Run
12- It will Detect Phone on ADB
13- Software will ask you to give path where you want to save Flash file
14- Wait for Software Finish Read Flash
15- Open folder where you save Flash file
16-You will see FDL2 File
17- Upload That File and post it in This Thread.
18- Wait for next upcoming update we will make support of your phone !!


Friday, August 30, 2013

Lumia 800 password............done

Hardreset via Keys:
Charge your phone.
Turn off your Nokia 800.
 Hold Volume Down + Camera + Power
Release Power, but hold Volume Down + Camera for 5 secs. Release buttons
Phone will start with factory settings without prompting


Nokia 500 RM-750 hardreset done

 Problem restart

solution hardreset

volume up + lock key + call icon + power on

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Micromax A115 Canvas 3D Hard Reset Solution

Micromax A115 Hard Reset Procedures:
1.Press And Hold Power +Volume Up + Volume Down Key.
2.You Will See Select Boot Mode.
3.Press Volume Up For Recovery Mode.
4.Android Logo Will Appears.
5.Press Power Buttom For Recovery Option.
6.Use Volume Key For Scroll.
7Select Wipe Data/Factory Reset Using Enter Button.

Friday, August 23, 2013

LG E400 Hard Reset

Idea One Touch 985N Hard reset

UFSx+HWK Release 21/08/2013


If the HWK is a "TRIAL" or affected by 3rd party tools, this software may not work properly, so use at your own risk.

You need to uninstall old HWK Setup Suite and HWK Support Suite and use the new UFSx Support Suite.

DCTxBB5 v2.3.0.1

1. Updated UFS Drivers Support.

LG_GSM v2.3.0.1

1. Infineon Bug fixed (present in V
2. Added access to UFST [PWR-R/T] Port (UART Rx,Tx)

SAMs v2.3.0.1

C3262,S3332,S3570,S3572 added (UNL,SECT,IM,FL)
A157 IMEI Rebuild fixed.
Infineon Bug fixed (present in V
Fixed "UFSx Devices not Found" on USB 3.0 Host Controller.

SeDBx v2.3.0.1

1. Updated UFS Drivers Support.
Many thanks to all those who have supported us!!!


DHLT Files - Samsung Fast Code Calc Tables

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Infinity-Box Nokia [BEST] v1.69 released

Infinity-Box Nokia [BEST] v1.69 released

- Service operations improved
-- WP8x service mode operations revised

- UserData operations improved
-- Several XG223 phones (Asha 310 and same) devices supported
-- eMMC data extraction for S60/S3 phones released: dump internal drive content from phone (local/test mode). S60x phones have restrictions on data size (not more 40mb per session)

- Navi base updated. Added all latest Wp8x (Amber) and Asha products.
- Internal Download Manager improved
-- Stability improvements
-- File check after download
-- Automatic product selection in flashing tab, when download finished

- xCntTool updated
-- XG618/XG223 support improved
-- Unpack/pack speed improved
-- Fixed some errors with XG6x/2x extraction

- Other
-- Minor bugs fixed


VolcanoBox 2.2.7 MTK - MTK & MTK ... MTK 6260 3MB , MTK 6572 & much more MTK STuFF !

Whats new ?

Added MTK Android MTK6572 Support
Added MTK Android MTK 6572 READ INFO
Added MTK Android MTK 6572 Read Flash
Added MTK Android MTK 6572 Format
Added MTK One-Click Root Backedup Flash Write back to Emmc Flash
Added MTK Android New Boot v7.1232
Added MTK New Flash ic Support
Added MTK 6260 3 MB Flash ic
Added MTK 6260 3 MB Write Flash
Added MTK 6260 3 MB Format ( Beta )
Added MTK New Models to ADB One-Click Root  


Sunday, August 18, 2013

VolcanoBox 2.2.6 World's 1st MTK6251 - MTK6260 added dual & Quad Flash ic & Much more

* Added MTK 6251 Dual & Quad Flash ic Support ( World's 1st )
* Added MTK 6260 Dual & Quad Flash ic Support ( World's 1st )
* Added More Zte Android Phones
(V793, Cloudfone excite 501D, V807, Blade C, T12)
* Added NV Read for SPD Android
* Added NV Write for SPD Android
!! Must do 1st READ INFO after you can Read or Write NV !!
* Added Full Flash Format via one key root
* Added ADB Root for Newer MTK Models
* "Cannot connect to Volcano server" bug fix for Asia server. America server on works.



GPGDragon V3.29 Add MTK code Read Release(2013-8-18)

In before the update,so many dragon user ask me about the mtk unlock with out format

Now,is add

This update support mtk 6223\6252\6250\6225\6253\6235\6255\625A\6251 Code Read;

Some others more will add soon as soon


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Miracle Box Ver 1.56 INDEPENDENCE DAY Update Discussion Thread (15-Aug-2013)

Jini Box v1.10 Independence Update - Just Got Hotter Than The Hottest

Jini-Box v1.10 Update Released (15th August 2013)

  • UNI: Mobile Phone Pinouts Tool Update
  • MTK: Fixed MT6575 Bug
  • MTK: Added New CPU MT6589 Support
  • SPD: New CPU 6531A Support Added
  • SPD: Add New CPU 8810 & 6820
  • SPD: Read Info Supported for CPU 8810 & 6820
  • SPD: Read Flash Added for CPU 8810 & 6820
  • SPD: Modify Some Read Flash Bug
  • CoolSand/RDA: Added New CPU Mode Support

Dragon V3.28 a little update

Mstar in the Read code add the Clear_code function

if you tick this,software will click the password form your read flash
and make new flash file with out the password
then you can write this new file to mobile;it will no lost any user data

if you select read password and untick the clear_code
software only read password form flash file only

Fix the MTK 6575 after download DSP_BL return data error bugs



Is azaadi ki kabhi bhi sham hone nhi hogi..
Bharso se ki gyi kurbani ham barbad hone ni denge.
Jo bachai gyi har 1 garam boond lahu ki.
Nhi hone denge Bharat Mata ka Anchal Nilaam ham.
Ye Bharat ki Army ka vada hai
**Happy Independence Day 2013**

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Z3X Samsung Tool 15.3 - Galaxy ACE 3 - first in the world.


- full support GT-S7270 (flashing, direct unlock, codereading, repair imei ) - first in the world
- full support GT-S7270L (flashing, direct unlock, codereading, repair imei ) - first in the world
- full support GT-S7272 (flashing, direct unlock, codereading, m/s repair imei ) - first in the world
- full support GT-S7273T (flashing, direct unlock, codereading, m/s repair imei ) - first in the world

- full support GT-Е1270 SPD (flashing, direct unlock, reading codes, imei repair ) - first in the world
- full support GT-S6500L (flashing, direct unlock, reading codes, imei repair )


Infinity-Box Nokia [BEST] v1.68 Download all nokia firmware from BEST software direct

Infinity-Box Nokia [BEST] v1.68 released

- USB flashing improved, WP7x flashing revised

- Service operations improved
- PM operations revised. PM erase option released. Triggers also work (Skip/Only)
- RPL operations revised for all platforms
- Flash Reading revised for XG213/XG618, become faster.

- UserData operations improved
- Fixed PhoneBook operations for some S40 models
- Improved S40/XGold Forensic mode

- Navi base updated. All latest Wp8x and Asha products included in database.
- Internal Download Manager released
-- Allow load files directly from sw
-- Auto creating all folders, fix files etc.
-- Download resume supported
- Filter improved
- Added PR_region info for N9 firmwares (in PC/Region tab)
- Stuff files detection (skip eMMC/MMC) improved
- Stability improvements
- Some bugfixes

- Other
Ini updated. Added new WP8x and Asha products
Stuff files updated
GUI changes and fixes


Draogn V3.27 New Update

<First in the World Add MTK 6572 Support>
SPD 6820\8810 CPU Type Add New Boot
(Support More Flash and Fix Format Hand)
Adjust the MTK 6575\6577 EMMC Write Flash
Adjust the MTK 6583\6589 EMMC Write Flash
Adjust the MTK 6255 Write Flash
MTK 6572 Support Read\Write Flash
MTK 6572 Support Format UserData
...Draogn Not Just Chinese Flash Tool....
<Xperia C S39h Read\Write\Format\IMEI Support>
important:MTK 6583\6589\6572 all can use USB cable
Like Read flash\read info\format
only Write Flash you need connect mobile to box



Monday, August 12, 2013

DC-unlocker V1.00.1045 10+ models added

DC-unlocker V1.00.1045 10+ models added

DC-unlocker client software V1.00.1045


Huawei AP02HW
Huawei D32HW
Huawei E3331s
Micromax MMX352G 3G USB Modem
Sierra Wireless AirCard 340U

Customized modems:
Huawei E173 Build May 06 2013 16:17:08 (Idea India)
Huawei E173 Build Feb 25 2013 15:45:40 (Airtel Uganda)

Huawei E5151s
Huawei Vodafone R206

Tututial area extended - instructions for CDMA modems MEID repair added:


VolcanoBox 2.2.5 MTK Root Backup & Much More

 World's 1st MTK Root added backup file
(backup format is FlashTool factory file format)
Adjust SPD Andriod Format
(solve some failed after download boot)
SPD Andriod added new flash ic supported

Some Important Notice !!

IF you have any kind of problem like,
Cannot Connect to server.
Invalid License Data.
or any kind of other problem regarding Volcanobox opening,
Please Read this Thread very careFully we had solved Many Problems from Many different users
Cannot connect to volcano server
and send email to with the log file located inside :



Wednesday, August 7, 2013

SPTBOX DELUXE 16.5.1 RELEASED!! Some Holiday Stuff !!


*First IN WORLD GT-N5100 Flash/Unlock/IMEI
*First IN WORLD GT-I9205 Flash/Unlock/IMEI
*First IN WORLD GT-N7102I Flash/Unlock/IMEI
*First IN WORLD SHV-E300L Flash/Unlock/IMEI
*First IN WORLD GT-S5831I Flash/Unlock/IMEI
*First IN WORLD SM-C101 Flash/Unlock
*First IN WORLD SM-T310 Flash
*First IN WORLD SM-T210 Flash
*First IN WORLD GT-GC100 Super IMEI
*First IN WORLD GT-I9260 Super IMEI
*First IN WORLD GT-I9300 Super IMEI
*First IN WORLD GT-I9500 Super IMEI
*First IN WORLD GT-N7100 Super IMEI
*First IN WORLD GT-N8000 Super IMEI
*First IN WORLD SM-C101 Super IMEI
*First IN WORLD SPH-D710 Flash/MEID
*First IN WORLD SCH-J021 Unlock/IMEI
*First IN WORLD SHV-E300S Flash

*First IN WORLD GT-S5698 Flash
*First IN WORLD GT-S7898 Flash
* GT-I9200 Flash/Unlock/IMEI
* GT-I8262 Flash

* Support Area Now Support Resume Download

What is That Super IMEI
* Super imei can repair null and 004999 imei
* First Put Phone Download Mode then Press Reset Default Efs
* Later Connect Uart Cable
* Than Go About tab
* Select Any imei U want
* Then Press Factory mode


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

VolcanoBox 2.2.4 Bulk Samsung & Alcatal & MTK & SPD..OTHERS ARE OUT OF BUSINESS !!

Adjust MTK Android Write Flash
SPD Android added new flash ic
Added Samsung Phones for Read Code
Added Alcatal Phones to unlock etc

List of Samsung Support Phones for Read Code

A177, B130S, B130T, B138, B270i, BC01, C145, C160, C160B, C160L, C160M, C165, C166, C168, C168L, C270, C276, C276L, C280, C288
C3212, C3212i, C3222, C3222W, C3300, C3300i, C3300K, C3303, C3303K, C3310, C3310C, C3500, C3503, C3522, CC01, CC03, E1050
E1050V, E1055G, E1055T, E1070, E1070C, E1070M, E1070T, E1075, E1075L, E1080, E1080I, E1080F, E1080T, E1080W, E1081T, E1085
E1085F, E1085L, E1085T, E1086i, E1086L, E1086W, E1087T, E1088C, E1100, E1100C, E1100F, E1100H, E1100T, E1101C, E1105, E1105
E1105F, E1107, E1110, E1110c, E1112, E1117, E1120, E1120C, E1125, E1125W, E1130, E1130B, E1150, E1150i, E1150C, E115, E1160
E1170, E1170i, E1170T, E1172, E1175T, E1180, E1182, E1182L, E1186i, E1186W, E1190, E1195, E1200, E1200m, E1210, E1210M, E1210S
E1215, E1215F, E1230, E1230G, E1230T, E1232, E1232B, E1232L, E1252, E1310, E1310B, E1310C, E1360, E1360B, E1360C, E1360S, E1360M
E2100, E2100B, E2100L, E2120, E2121B, E2120L, E2121L, E2130, E2130B, E2152, E2210, E2210B, E2210C, E2210H, E2210L, E2210T, E2370
T101, T101G , T109, T119, T139, T155G, T219, T219S, T229, T239.A137, A226, A227, A237, A256, A257, A437, B2100, B2100C, B3410, B3410L, B3410R, B5702, B5702C, B5712, B5712C, B5722, C3510, C3518
C3610, C3610C, C5212, C5212I, C5212C, D600, D600e, D606, D608, D610, D618, D780, D788, D820, D825, D828, D900, D900E, D900i, D900P
D908, D908i, D980, D988, E1390, E200, E200B, E208, E208B, E230L, E236, E250, E250D, E250L, E250i ,E250V ,E250W, E251, E2510, E2510
E2510C, E2550, E2550D, E251C, E256, E258, E258d, E260, E340, E340e, E348, E350, E350E, E358, E370, E376, E378, E380, E388, E390
E398, E480, E488, E500, E508, E590, E598, E640, E648, E670, E690, E698, E730, E736, E740, E747, E748, E750, E758, E760, E768, E780
E786, E788, E830, E838, E890, E898, F110, F118, F150, F158, F250, F250L, F256, F258, F260, F265, F266, F268, F270, F270i, F270L
F275L, F278, F278i, F480L, F488E, G600, G600L, G608, G610, G618, G808E, I710, I718, I720, I728, I750, I858, J150, J158, J210, J218
J700, J700G, J700I, J700L, J700V, J706, J708, J708C, J708I, J770, J778, J808E, L250, L258, L310, L318, L600, L608, L708E, L750
L758, M1360, M150, M158, M200, M208, M2310, M2710, M2710C, M3200, M3310, M3310C, M3318, M3318C, M3510, M3510C, M3510L, M610, M618
P180, P200, P207, P220, P240, P250, P260, P780, P788, P850, P858, S3100, S3100C, S3110, S3600, S3600I, S3600C, S3600H, S3600I
S3600L, S3601, S366, S5050, S5050C, S5200, S5200C, S5220, S9402, T249, T249R, T329, T339, T349, T369, T369R, T379, T401, T409, T429
T439, T456, T459, T509, T619, T729, T739, T809, U708E, U800E, U808E, U900L, U908E, X670, X678, X690, X698, X700, X708.

List of Support Alcatal phones

C818, C818 , CRYSTAL,
F115, F121, F122, F123, F331,
OT103, OT104, OT105, OT106, OT107, OT108, OT109 , OT112 , OT113, OT117 , OT132, OT140, OT150,
OT2005, OT2010, OT2010, OT2010G, OT203, OT203A, OT203E, OT204, OT205 , OT206, OT208, OT209, OT2117, OT213, OT214, OT214W, OT216 , OT217, OT217D, OT222, OT223, OT228, OT228D, OT232, OT233, OT250, OT252, OT262, OT280, OT282, OT288, OT292, OT296, OT297,
OT300, OT301, OT303, OT304, OT3040, OT3041, OT3042, OT305, OT306, OT308, OT310, OT311 OT312 OT315 OT315M OT352 OT355 OT355D OT356 OT360 OT361 OT362 OT363 OT380 OT383 OT385 OT385J OT390 OT455 OT505 OT505K OT506 OT506D OT507 OT508 OT510 OT530 OT540 OT543 OT555 OT565 OT565K OT585 OT600 OT602 OT606 OT608 OT650 OT655W OT660 OT665 OT706 OT708 OT710 OT799 OT799 OT800 OT802 OT802Y OT803 OT803D OT806 OT806D OT807 OT808 OT808G OT809 OT810 OT810D OT813 OT813D OT813F OT818 OT819 OT828 OT838 OT870 OT871 OT880 OT888 OT90 OT900 OT901 OT902 OT905 OT907 OTC819D OTF101 OTT66 OTTEST Q5 S by SFR 3440 S122 SFR115 SFR1150 SFR121 SFR122 SFR123 T268 TCL-I802 TCL-I806 TCL-I806D TCL-I880 TCL-I898 TCL-I900 TCLI905 TCL-Q3 TCL-T208 TCL-T218 TCL-T255 TCL-T355 Text Ed 152 by SFR T-Mobile Accord Virgin VM202 Virgin VM665 VM621I VM800


Blackberry Z10 hard reset procedure…..

efore you give your handset to repair shop or buy new handset, please try the following procedure to repair your device. First charge your battery more then 70%, backup your important data like phonebook, message, email, images and settings and in most cases take out SIM card and SD card. After doing hard reset not possible to recover your data, so online backup is always important. For all of your data, a backup should be done on a external device, hard drive, raid system media or SD card.
BlackBerry Z10 hard reset
reset BlackBerry 10
1. In the device options, click Security Options.
2. Click General Settings.
3. Press the Menu key.
4. Click Wipe Handheld.
5. To delete all third-party applications from your device, select the Include third-party applications check box.
6. Click Continue.
7. Type blackberry and OK.
Delete all device data
Verify that you have a backup copy of your BlackBerry® device data.
CAUTION: If you have turned on content protection, the process for deleting all device data can take up to an hour to complete. You
cannot stop the process after you start it. If you reset your device, the process continues after the device restarts.

celkon A95 Pro Hard Reset

1.Press and hold down volume up + power button.
2.Android logo will appear.
3.Press home button
4.Options will be displayed
5.Select wipe data/factory reset using options key (second right or third left button)
Now reboot u r phone. All done

How To Hard Reset Lava Iris 405 Remove Pattern lock

How To Hard Reset Lava Iris 405:
1.Press And Hold Volume Down + Power Button.
2.Option Appear In Chinese Language
3.Selcet MMC Option (In English With Chinese Language)
4.Wait 15-20 Second.
5.Reboot Phone
Done :)

Thursday, August 1, 2013

VolcanoBox 2.2.1 Released

  • Added SPD 6820/8810 Android Read Flash
  • 1st Read info then write Flash !!
  • Added SPD 6820/8810 Android Write Flash (**BETA Don't write on Working phones can harm your phone)
  • Added SPD 6531 Read Flash
  • Added SPD 6531 Write Flash
  • Added SPD 6531 Find Password
  • Added SPD 6531 Format (for safety recommendations please backup data first, then load file to format)
  • SPD 6820/8810 new flash ic added
  • MTK Andriod Write added new algorithm
  • Adjust MTK Andriod change IMEI new algorithm,solve some imei lost after reset factory
  • Adjust SPD Andriod ADB Read partition
  • Adjust SPD Andriod Root and Format
  • Added 625a imei repair meta mode ( software can show nothing but infact imei repaired in phone )
  • Added Round 102 new Firmware for Root
  • Added Round 123 new Frimware for format
  • Always Readinfo 1st then do Format
  • Always do MTK Android AUTO format
  • Do not Customize MTK Android phones
  • No need to register
  • Firmware update
  • Must Connected to internet before you run it 1st time !!
VolcanoTool v2.2.1 Final.rar

DC-Unlocker Huawei CDMA Modems Unlocker client v.1.0032


Huawei CDMA modems repair features:

Repair MEID or (and) ESN - World first
Generate (and display before write) pseudo ESN automatically - World first
Write MEID if not present - World first

Unlock support for:

Huawei EC1561
Huawei EC152

.dc-unlocker .EXE 

Infinity-Box Nokia [BEST] v1.67: NFM (NaviFirm) released and more

- USB flashing improved
WP7x flashing revised
MeeGo eMMC only flashing improved: if Wipe is not ticked - all apps (only apps!) will be saved

- User Data operations improved
Fixed some issues with S40 Phonebook direct extraction
Improved S4pb cross-writing
Some other fixes

- Nokia Firmware Manager (NaviFirm) released
- Fast and easy
- All newest phones data included
- Download only files required for flashing, no any garbage
- Standalone solution

- Ini updated and revised
Added "Check DataPackage". This option fix filenames, if BEST warn about misssing files.
*Settings - > Check DataPackage
Some other fixes and improvements at all

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