Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Spice Mi-310 Hard Reset

Hard Reset:
  • Press and hold Volume UP + Home + Power Key.
  • You see recovery menu.
  • select wipe data / factory reset and select yes.
  • now reboot device.

Hard Reset:
  • Press and hold Volume UP + Volume Down + Power Key.
  • Now you see Secret Menu.
  • now select CLEAR FLASH.
  • now reboot you device.

Spice Mi-350n Hard Reset

  • Press and Hold Volume UP + Home + Power Key.
  • Now you see android logo.
  • then press home key to see recovery option.
  • now select wipe data / factory reset and press menu key.
  • and now reboot device.

Micromax A60 Hard Reset

  • Power off handset.
  • take out and reinset battery.
  • Press and hold Home + Center Key + Power Key
  • When you see android logo on screen then press call button to see recovery menu.
  • now select wipe data / factory reset and select yes
  • now rebbot device to complete the process.

Micromax A100 Hard Reset

  • Press and Hold Volume UP + Power to recovery menu.
  • use volume keys to navigate.
  • now select wipe data / factory resetPress Volume UP Key for 3 seconds to confirm.
  • confirm yes by LONG PRESS Volume UP Key and leave.
  • now reboot device.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Karbon A1 Pattern Lock Hard Reset Solution

1.Power Off Mobile.
2.Now Press Home+center+power Key Altogether.
3.After 10-15 Sec Triangle Symbol Will Be Appear.
4.Then Press Call Button For Recovery Menu.
5.Use Volume Buttons To Scroll Option.
6.Select Wipe Reset.
6.Now Press Center Button To Select Option.
Done :

Karbonn Titanium S5 Hard Reset Solution

How To Hard Reset Karbonn Titanium S5.
1.Press And Hold Vol Up+pwr Key.
2.Now You See Green Screen.don't Release Volume Up Key.
3.After Few Seconds U See Red Screen.
4.Now Release Vol Up Key.
5.Now You See Recovery Options.
6.Sel Wiping Data Factory Reset & Press Power Key 2,3 Sec.
7.Now Select Yes Delete All User Data And Press Power Key 2 Sec.
Now Restart Device

Friday, July 26, 2013

ATF v10.00 JTAG, EMMC TOOLS Update!! 25 JUL 2013!!

Advance Turbo Flasher v10.00

Release Date: July 25, 2013
Firmware Version Required : 10.3.70

ATF JTAG Official Launch (Requires 1 time Activation)


ATF JTAG Initial Phone Support List (All Lumia WP8 Released Phones):

Lumia 928 RM-860
Lumia 925 RM-910
Lumia 925 RM-893
Lumia 925 RM-892
Lumia 920T RM-867
Lumia 920 RM-822
Lumia 920 RM-821
Lumia 920 RM-820
Lumia 820 RM-826
Lumia 820 RM-825
Lumia 820 RM-824
Lumia 720T RM-887
Lumia 720 RM-885
Lumia 620 RM-846
Lumia 521 RM-917
Lumia 520T RM-913
Lumia 520 RM-915
Lumia 520 RM-914

Main ATF JTAG Software Features:

* Cheap 1 time Activation Cost with NO additional Hardware Purchase needed
* Super Easy Nokia WP8 JTAG JIGS Already Available
* Super Easy Interface... Simple and Effective
* Clear JTAG Pinouts Viewer
* Fast JTAG Connection (480 Mbps USB via ATF Box)
* Fully Customizable Software GUI Language (Create your own Language File)
* Repair any "DEAD BOOT" Lumia WP8 Phone
* "QUICK FIX" Option - For Dead phones via Flashing
* "FULL BOOT" Option - For Dead phones via eMMC Boot Corruption

[eMMC Tool 2.0 Lite]

Introducing eMMC Tool 2.0 Lite under "ATF Plus"

* eMMC Read Speed increased 800% Faster
* Supports Samsung Exynos 4 CPU with just 4 wires to solder (LIVE PHONE ONLY for NOW)
* Supports Snapdragon CPU with just 4 wires to solder
* Supports Reading and Writing to USER AREA, BOOT1, BOOT2, RPMB, GP1, GP2, GP3 or GP4 Partition
* NON Encrypted READ/WRITE Functions

[New ATF Box Firmware]

Introducing LogiCore 10.3.70

* Enhanced eMMC Reading Speeds up to 1.85 MBPS @ 15.00 Mhz
* 1 GB Dump = 7-8 minutes
* TP Unlocks WP7 (710 and 800) in less than 30 seconds for any eMMC Brand
* Fixed Toshiba and new Hynix ack delay issues
* Improved SD Card BF Speed
* Enabled SPI Flash Direct Programming
* Improved FBUS DDR + 2TX Speed now up to 18.00 Mhz

[Infineon XG213]

* Automatically Reads RPL in Plain Binary Format on every Flash Boot
* Automatically Reads PM in Plain Binary Format on every Flash Boot
* Automatically Reads Security Code on every Flash Boot (No need Local Mode)
* Added New Loaders for all released XG213 Models


* Improved Flashing to accommodate SUPER big Verizon Flash Files
* Added Latest Variant Listing as of July 25, 2013


* Greatly Improved TP Unlock Speed and Patch Firmware Checking
* Fixed Problem on Toshiba and new Hynix Unlock Problem on ATF Chrome Box
* Added Latest Variant Listing as of July 25, 2013


* Removed Phone Firmware Checking if Selected in Settings the option:
"Skip Firmware Version Checking on BB5 Phones before Flashing"


* Fixed DCT4 RPL via Server Problem "You do not have free credits..."

What More to Expect ???

1. Separate EXE for eMMC Tool 2.0 to be released soon...

2. Add other phone brands for ATF JTAG Support ?



Sunday, July 21, 2013

Micromax A25 Hard Reset

Lava Iris 349 Hard Reset Pattern Lock Solution

How To Hard Reset Lava Iris 349:
1.Press And Hold Volume Down + Power Key For 10 Sec.
2.U Will See Recovery Menu.
3.Use Volume Key To Scroll.
4.Select Wipe Data/Factory Reset.
5.After Wipe Data Complete Select Reboot.
Done :)

Videocon A20 Hard Reset Pattern Lock Solution

How To Hard Reset Videocon A20:
1.Prees And Hold Volume Up + Power Button
2.Now Android Logo Will Appears.
3.Use Volume Key For Scroll.

4.Use Power Key To Select.
5.Select Wipe Data/Factory Reset
6.Reboot Phone. 
Done :)

Spice Mi-355 Stellar Craze Hard Reset Pattern Lock Solution

How To Hard Reset Spice Mi-355 Stellar Craze:

1.Press And Hold Volume Up + Power Key It Will Show Fastboot Recovery In Green Screen
2.Continue Press And Hold Don't Leave The Keys Until It Shows Recovery In Red Screen.
3.As Soon As Red Screen Appears Press Home Key And Android Logo Will Come.
4.To Scroll Use Volume Keys
5.To Select Press Power Key Long Press (up To 2 To 3 Sec)

6;Select Wipe Data/Reset

Note:Before Making A Hard Reset Backup Your Importent Data First Otherwise It Will Be Lost

Friday, July 19, 2013

How To Hard Reset Micromax A92 Canvas

How To Hard Reset Micromax A92 Canvas:
Hi Guys today I Got a Micrmax A92-Canvas with Google Lock...Try to Hard reset the Phone But no Procedure in the Net...
But i found that will share with you
1.) Press Volume+ and Volume- with Power Key.
2.) The Phone Says two Menus (.Press Volume Up for Recovery, or Press Volume Down for Factory ).

3).Now Press Volume up key.

4).You Got the Recovery Menu.

5).Drag down and Up the Menu with the Using of Volume Up and Down Keys.

6).For Select Press the Home key.

7).If Its failure Press the Power key Ones and then Select the ''Factory Reset'' menu ..Then Press ''Menu key and Home Key two times''

Lava Iris N400 Hard Reset Pattern Lock Solution

How To Hard Reset Lava Iris N400:
Those Who Are Facing Problem In Going To Recovery Mode In Lava Iris N400 Which Lets You To Go In Chinese...
This Is The Actual Method To Go Recovery Mode
1.Press And Hold Volume Up+Menu+Power Key Simultaneously.
2.After See Green Android Logo Release Button Quicly.
3.Press Home Button For Recover Menu.
4.You Will Se Recovery Menu  In English.
5.Use Volume Key For Scroll.
6.For Select Use Menu Key.
6.Select Reset/Wipe Data.
Done :)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Lava Iris 454 Hard Reset Pattern Lock Solution

How To Hard Reset Lava Iris 454:
1.Press And Hold Volume Up + Home + Power Key.

2.Wait Until You See The On Creen Show Only Boot Logo Then Release All The Buttons.

3.Now You See Boot Logo Then Press Home Button

4.Now Select Wipe Data / Factory Reset With Volume Down Key.

5.Press Home Key To Confirm.

6.Now Select Yes - Delete All User Data With Volume Down Key

7.Press Home Key To Confirm.

8.After Format All User Data Press Home Key To Reboot Device.

9.After See On The Screen Android Logo Running Only But Not Reboot Set

10.Remove Battery Reinsert And On Set Manually.
Done :)

Sunday, July 14, 2013

!!!BSNL Penta Tablet All Firmware Download Here!!!

Download Your Penta Software/Firmware In 1 Place.............

Friday, July 12, 2013

Dragon V3.26 Release SC8825\6825 android Support!!!

Add SPD 8825\6825 CPU Support [First in the World]
Add SPD 8825\6825 CPU Write Flash Support

<Just Support Factory Flash PAC Format File>
Move the MTK 6575 NAND Write Flash Support 0x840 page
Add MTK android IMEI Change with USB Cable Support
<Without Root\more easy do it!!!>
Software Add Set Pinout Windows

in Software Tools Add Dragon V2 software
Add Reset Foramt for SPD android Phone [beta]
<when After Format Mobile dead or Hand in logo,you can try>

Dragon V3.26 With Draogn V2.13 Software Download( cause is this software has the Dragon V2 software so a little big)



World First Avatorbox Ver 6.733

vatorbox Ver 6.733 Treatment Update Added SPD6820/8810 Read/Write Flash Support

World First SPD 6820/8810 READ / WRITE REAL SOLUTION

Avatorbox Ver 6.733 Treatment Update More Info:

World First Avatorbox Ver 6.733 Treatment Update Added SPD6820/8810 R/W Flash Support

Now the Time for Recover your Dead 6820/8810 phones ( Real solution inside )


Karbonn Titanium S5 Hard Reset

Karbonn Smart Tab 1 Hard Reset

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Volcano Tool v2.1.9

VolcanoBox 2.1.9

Whats new ?

Adjust SPD Android Read infor
Added SPD Android new flash ic
Added MTK Android Auto Format (nand+emmc)
Adjust SPD Android Root
Added LOT of new SPD Android Phones for SAVE Format & Root etc
you must verify for save format

How to get verified that my phone is SAFE to FORMAT or ROOT ?

Use This link for that and READ IT VERY CARE FULLY !!

Here it some SuccessFul BETA Testing reports from VolcanoBox 2.1.9

VolcanoBox 2.1.9 SuccessFull format ( Chinese Android TAB 3100 ) most problem was TAB

Volcanobox 2.1.9 Successful format SPD Android 6820 (Feiteng mini N9300)

Note Please :
You must use Original GPG Cables with VolcanoBox !! i got some reports from Users that got problem in Box, After Investigate we found They were using NON GPG CABLES so from now whenever you bought Box from any one Please Confirm from him that he is giving you ORIGINAL GPG CABLES WITH VOLCANOBOX !! ELSE We will not Give you any kind of Warranty !! this is happen when you purchase VolcanoBox from NON Official RESELLER, so was a Notice for any one Please keep this in mind cause of FAKE Cables is Cause of HARDWARE Failure !! Thanks you

What's new coming in next upcoming updates ?

( This screen shot Saved during Initial Testing, forget to take Write Flash screen soon i will post more details )

Coming Soon SPD ANDROID READ FULL FLASH ( Almost ready )
Coming Soon SPD ANDROID WRITE FULL FLASH ( Almost ready )
Coming Soon Some SPD Android phones after even write Factory Flash file gave error "cft not calibrate" like Karbonn K1+ Solution ( Almost ready )
Coming Soon Flash file server ( for that we are asking you to must register your box Please Read this thread for more details )
and many other HOT Exclusive Updates are on the way !!

( This is not just Advertisement as i post Successful Read Flash image same like that i will post more details in upcoming updates )

Caution :- You must Register your box before 01-Aug-2013. We will Block All Boxes which is not Registered !!
for Registration you must use this Important Notice From VolcanoBox Team = Please Register your Box Before 1st-Aug-2013

to Make sure of Quality & Continue Grand Updates you must have to use THIS LATEST VolcanoBox Ver 2.1.9 !! 

Download VolcanoTool_v2.1.9.rar

Karbon A21 Pattern Lock Hard Reset Solution

Hard Reset Karbon A21:
Press And Hold Volume Up + Power Key
Now You See Green Screen Dont Release Volume Up Key
After 10 Seconds You See Red Screen, Now Release Volume Up Key.
Now Tou See Recovery Options.
Select Wipe Data With Factory Reset And Press Power Key For 2 Sec.
Now Select Yes And Press Power Key For 2 Second.
Now Reboot Device.
Note: If This Method Note Work Try Below Solution For Hard Reset

How To Hard Reset Karbon A21 Via Android Multi Tool:
You Need To Boot Your Phone Into Fastboot (follow Exactly What I Said Bellow)
Power Off Phone
Pull Out Battery & Insert It Again
Press Volume Up + Power Button For 5 Seconds
Ur Phone Will Boot Up With Fastboot
Now Open Android Multi Tool & Press 8 From Ur Pc Keyboard & Press Enter

Download Android Multi Tools v1.02b

Micromax A52 Hard Reset Process:
1.Press Volume Down & Power For 10-20 Seconds
2.Factory Screen Will Be Appear
3.Now Select "clear Flash" (use Volume Keys)
4.Now Press Home Key For Action....... Done :)
Cute and colorful Micromax A52 is there to grab your attention, it is equipped with some interesting features for the specific users out there. It is powered with Android v2.3 OS and 1 Ghz Processor for that improved performance whenever you use it. The 3.2-inch TFT Capacitive Touchscreen allows you to view the contents clearly and with great ease. Dual SIM (GSM + GSM) functionality, FM Radio, Expandable Storage Capacity of 32 GB and 2 MP Primary Camera are the highlights.

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