Thursday, May 30, 2013

ATF XG618 Support v9.90 Update!! 29 May 2013!

Release Date: May 29, 2013
Firmware Version Required : 10.3.50

XGOLD 618 Support Added

Supported Phones:
Asha 301/3018 RM-839 - Fully Tested
Asha 301/3018 RM-840 - Fully Tested
Asha 301/3018 RM-841 - Not Yet Released
Other Future XG618 Phones

Supported Operations:
Normal Firmware Flashing
Downgrade Firmware Flashing
Backup RPL
Read/Write PM and PP
*** Warning: DO NOT CROSS FLASH these phones. Always Flash with correct RM-XXX ***

What's New ?

* Improved BB5 Firmware Version Check via Flash Mode
* Skip Firmware Version Check Option in Settings (If you want ATF to skip Firmware Version Check via Flash Mode)
* New Reseller List Handler (No More Disappearing Resellers)
* New WinUSB Driver for Lumia and New ASHA Phones (Old Drivers Removed)
* Improved WinUSB Delphi Wrapper
* 400% Speed Increase when Dumping eMMC Toshiba/New Hynix via TP

Bug Fixes:

* Fixed Read Firmware Information for Manually Loaded Flash Files (NON VPL)
* Fixed bug that does not automatically select USB connection on ATF Startup
* Fixed bug on Scan Phone that makes some new Rapuv2 phones reboot and fails to read Simlock Data (Nokia 500, 311 etc)

Other Stuff
* Complete Product Listing in Nokia.ini (as of May-28-2013)
* Lumia 925
* Lumia 928
* Asha 501
* Asha 301

Known Limitations:
* Firmware Version Check via Flash Mode does not support ADL Flashing 


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